About Us

PrepReels.Com was created as a resource for students, parents, families, coaches, and college recruiters to access historical event video for a wide variety of reasons. The goal of PrepReels is to foster interest and spectatorship in all forms of youth activities at the high school level. It is intended as a way to view activities in which the viewer knows a participant but also to provide an opportunity for the viewer to explore high school activities which they may not be familiar with.

Students and coaches can use the event video to critique performance and to simply get a chance to observe their own performance from a third-party perspective.

Parents and families often miss events that their student participates in for a wide variety of reasons. The video on this site provides and opportunity to watch activities that the parent might otherwise have missed.

College coaches and recruiters can view games at their leisure without the intensive travel and time required to attend games. More athletes can get more exposure to the college recruiting system while complying fully with NCAA recruiting restrictions. Students are encouraged to use the links on this site to present game video of themselves to recruiters and coaches they wish to approach as a Prospective Student Athlete.

PrepReels hopes that everyone will explore the vast extracurricular offerings offered through the Michigan educational system.

PrepReels is located in Grand Blanc, MI. While much of the content may include activities for Grand Blanc High School students this site hopes to provide expanded coverage to many high schools in South Eastern Michigand and state-wide.