Welcome to PrepReels.Com!

PrepReels.Com is a place for participants, parents, family, friends, coaches, and college recruiters to review activities that they might not have been able to attend in person.

PrepReels is committed to providing broadcast quality event coverage and replay of all types of student activities including athletics, performing arts and academic competitions. Student participants and coaches / staff leaders have the opportunity to review performances after the event, parents and family can see their children participate in events they were unable to attend, and students can check out each other's activities in their respective areas of extracurricular participation.


PrepReels.Com will cover all types of athletic events. We will provide some coverage for the major sports like Football and Basketball but we will strive to cover sports that receive less media coverage as well. Look for some coverage of soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, swim & dive, wrestling, bowling, and much more.

Performing Arts

We love the arts! Performing arts makes for great viewing and they can showcase some tremendous high school talent. Instrumental music events like seasonal concerts as well as the Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA) festivals may be covered. Marching band competitions hosted by the Michigan Competing Band Association (MCBA) make for very entertaining visuals. Choir concerts, theatrical productions, and dance are all possible events for us to record.

Academic Competitions

Robotics, Quiz Bowl, and Debate can all make for fascinating competition at the high school level. We are anxious to showcase our brightest and best youth demonstrating their academic prowess.

Event Selection

PrepReels.Com will select events to record based upon a number of factors that include;

- Availability in schedule.
- The competitive quality or performance quality of the event.
- The venue of the event being conducive to high-quality recording.
- Efforts to maintain diversity in programming.
- Positive results & feedback from the viewer base.

PrepReels.Com will strive to cover a broad selection of high school athletics and activities to promote overall spectatorship for as many extra-curricular events as possible.

Check back to PrepReels often for new postings of unique high school competitions.